Diane had no idea where he had come from. But, whoever he was, he was charming.

He was short, stocky and handsome.

It was a friend who suggested she met him. She had been looking for a while.

She knew that once she met him, she would have to have him.

He was nothing like Jack though, this poodle was very well trained….



via Daily Prompt: Cling

From the way he was looking at me I knew, as clearly as if he’d said the words, that my son’s name was one of them. I could only cling onto a slight bit of hope in my heart that I was wrong.

Dam, dam, dam that war. I wanted to shout and scream but instead I began to cry, very hard still clinging on that they could be wrong.



Something terrible has happened. I can scarcely bring myself to write the words. I just can’t believe it. I mean who would have thought she would have gone ahead with it.

Her boobs were big enough anyway…….



Time to leave, anchors up !

I sat in the forward lounge with a glass of something congenial in my hand. I’d taken the usual pills to stop me from being sea sick.

The skyline swiveled gradually past the nearest window.

A couple of drinks and hours later I got up to see where we were but all I could see was a car park…





Her watch had stopped so she began to wonder if it was so early after all.

There were people passing and some traffic.

And then she heard a noise, footsteps along the wide entrance hall outside her door.

Her heart was beating fast.

But, the footsteps carried on past her door again.