The Wage Question

The question some people are asking,

Which inspires these lines of verse,

Has to do in part,with the wages,

So important I think to a nurse.

Can we measure the work and devotion,

On the scales of £.s.d.

And present a report so truthful,

That never a doubt there’d be,

The pay then would be substantial,

And there’d be a dreadful hush.

As nurse took her rightful wages,

With never a sigh or blush,

Yet somewhere there must be a ceiling,

When we seem so sure of the floor!

Perhaps its that bit in the middle,

Which could be the big encore,

If money will give us good nurse’s,

If money good nurse can buy,

Then money is all that matters,

A statement I once thought a lie!

written by The Bad Bard a 90 year old patient of the early 1900’s